Monday, October 6, 2008

Rohit's American Adventure:Chapter 7. Got the Graduate Assistantship

Amidst all the crying and sobbing in my life, there was this great thing which gave me new hope. Ms. Mary Scott happened to know of an opening in her colleagues department for a Graduate Assistant position. Thanks to her, I applied and I got two interview calls in the same week. All this long, right before I set my foot in USA, I had been applying for Graduate Assistant positions and I had got so used to the reject messages that it was great to know that I finally got an interview call.

I had my interview with Ms. Jean Phillips and her colleagues and I was on time for it. The interview went well and I got the news within few days that I got the Graduate Assistant job. I was elated. It was just a few weeks ago that I had paid my tuition fees and now I was going to get it back and earn a stipend each week. I was grateful to God and till today I will never forget that moment. I so happened to get the Graduate Assistant job just days before the deadline for applying for tuition remission. So had I got it a week later, I would have earned a stipend per month but would not have got my tuition fees for this semester refunded. My tuition for next semester would be exempt.

The first thing I did when I got the tuition remission was book tickets to go back home. I did not have a laptop still but I wanted to book the tickets to go back home first. I used to go to the library and use the computers there to chat with my mom everyday in the morning, telling her about the good and bad things

I was sharing my office with Ms. Jacqueline O’ Keefe and from day one, we hit it off. I got along well with her. I got along well with Mr. Dave Kennedy with whom I was mainly working. I got myself introduced to everyone working in the department and was a familiar face in few days. The irony was I was doing something which I was avoiding: programming. Even when I was back home, I was specifically applying non programming Graduate Assistant positions. I could definitely program but did not enjoy it. Anyways life has strange things in store for me I guess.