Monday, October 13, 2008

Rohit's American Adventure:Chapter 15. Spring 07: Less's story

When I first met Less, little did I know he was from the US army. He seemed just like all of us seated in the orientation hall. Less’s real name was Leslie but he preferred being called Less. When I was initially having problems with housing, he had offered to help me out. Every time after class, he used to check on me and ask if everything was going fine.

About few weeks ago, I had given him the photo of Lord Ganesha ( considered to be the God of good luck by Indians). I had come to know from him, that he would be posted to Iraq, once he completed the program in few months. I was taking the summer off and was not sure if I was going to met him in Fall. I gave him the photo of Lord Ganesha as a good luck charm to ensure that he survives the war and comes back. Less had a young son by the name William and a beautiful wife. He did mention this education was more of an opportunity to spend time with his family. Less was a nice guy and I so wanted and prayed that the situation in Iraq ended and he would stay back with his family.