Friday, October 10, 2008

Rohit's American Adventure:Chapter 13. Spring 07:Roommate troubles again

My new roommate was Rohit(same name as mine). He was nice and kind. Everything seemed to be looking good. I was living close to campus, had no roommate issues and life was good. However, one night changed it all. We came back from the mall and were making dinner. I had to step out to make a phone call, which lasted longer than usual. When I came back, he had eaten my share of the dinner, which really made me angry as I was hungry. So, I shouted at him and he shouted back, trying to defend himself. He said many things, which hurt me considering all the help, I had given him since the past few weeks. It is like all I did for him had meant nothing. The next day, he apologized but it did not feel right and as every day passed by, we drifted apart. We used to have constant fights over some things and I wanted him to move out as he was not on lease. I was living in the main room as I could not stand sitting in the same room with him. There used to be rare moments where we would just talk as if nothing happened between us. However, it was best that he leave. I was happy if we could still be friends and he move out rather than he living in and trying to be good when it wasn't going to work out. To think of it, I was kind of immature to fight over food with him, but the things which I heard from that night made sure that I would never be friends with him again. He finally left in the summer and it felt void but peaceful the first night.

I just hopped that would be the last of my roommate issues.