Monday, October 13, 2008

Rohit's American Adventure:Chapter 16. Spring 07: Falling in love with the wrong person

All my life, I have fallen in love only to find the girl I love, going out with someone. I met someone special on the OSCAR night. They were showing the OSCARS live in the stamp union and I was up for it. I had this wonderful walk to the stamp union from my apartment after having a fight with my roommate. It was a snowy evening and the entire campus was covered with snow. Coming from a country, where it is a rare occasion to see snow, the walk was memorable and a special experience. I saw a girl being chased down one of the alleys in the campus by her friend who had this snowball in his hand. Both of them seemed happy cuddling each other, when the boy finally caught the girl. I thought that was cute and craved for that feeling.

I arrived on time at the venue. The stamp union was the most happening place on campus. All major events used to happen there. As usual, I did not know anyone at the event. I just wanted to see the Oscars as I had been doing that loyally for the past few years. I used to perceive the Oscars as a stimulant to my desire to be a filmmaker.

There was a table with the best view of the screen and four beautiful ladies were seated around it in chairs. I asked the ladies, if I could join them and they obliged. As all Americans I had met so far, they too were curious to know about my country and about my experience in this country so far. I did tell them how much I hated this country when I initially arrived and how I have learned things the hard way. As the evening progressed, I got to know the girls better. It was really cool, when all of us had a picture taken in front of the dummy OSCAR statue. They had a dummy of the OSCAR statue set up outside the venue so that people could take pictures standing next to it, just to get a feel of attending the OSCARS in real life.I will always remember and treasure that picture. Here was this simple guy from India spending an evening with the most beautiful girls in College Park. I remember sharing those pictures with my colleagues at work and Rauf bhai teasing me the entire day.

There was this one girl,I just could not take my eyes off. She looked gorgeous and I liked her from the moment our eyes met. Her name was, well lets just call her M. I also took some pictures with my camera of M and her friends and told M that I could email her the pictures to which she surprisingly gave her email address. I still have that piece of paper with me in which she scribbled her email address. Most of her friends left as the hours passed by. There was a moment where we were the only ones on the table only to be disturbed by this annoying friend of hers who was getting too close to her and worst of all she seem to be enjoying it. She did leave with only few moments left for the OSCAR’s to end. 'The departed', surprisingly won the best picture. She did tell me when she was leaving and that was kind of her. I so felt the need to tell her that I could walk her to her apartment on campus but I have never been able to tell the right thing to girls at the right time.

I did have her email address which was a good start. So I did sent emails to her asking if she would want to hang out on weekends, go to some dance classes and stuff. However, she never seemed to reply. Most of the times, she would reply at the eleventh hour stating some reason for not being able to make it. I even happened to invite her to movies which they showed at the holf theatre on campus. She happened to show up at one of the movies, Disturbia playing at the hoff theatre without letting me know that she was coming. She arrived with her friends and I was surprised because I did not expect her to see her at the movies. So I did happen to keep an eye on her and she and her friends happened to take the front row seats while I took the seats at the extreme back. I so wish, I could have approached her on that night and seen the movie with her friends. After that night, she seemed to avoid me. That is the impression, I seemed to have got. She blocked me off Instant message and there was no talk. It was a painful experience. I had so much to offer to her and she was in no mood to receive it.

I finally happened to meet her by accident at one of the events on campus. She is an active member of SEE, a committee on campus which organizes cool events on campus. So, I did apologize if she thought I was stalking her or sending her too many emails. I told her, “I think you looked absolutely gorgeous on the Oscars night when we met and did not want to regret the rest of my life, that I never asked you out.” She never expected that coming from me but she was smiling and thanked me. I knew she would be there at the event next day. So I made sure that I saw her last time before the semester ended, as this was the last event before the semester and she was going to go on a summer trip.

After the event was over, I asked her, if I could take her out to dinner? To which she replied, I dunno, I will meet you in Fall. I will talk to you later.I was kind of heart broken by her reply. She could have just said no and finished it off. However, that is how girls are: they want to be nice and cannot say 'no'. It was again a case of falling in love with a girl, with me ending up with a broken heart. Being in Love can be the most amazing feeling in the world. However, it can be painful, when you have so much to offer the other person, and the person does not care a damn about it.